Gobbet o' Pus

It occurred to me one day that my blog entries at Rubor Dolor Calor Tumor would make good short podcasts, especially since reading is so last century. Each podcast will be a case I have seen, a reference and at least one dumbass attempt at humor. Since it is a truism that the world needs more Mark Crislip (tm), I add to my ever expanding multimedia empire. If you want to read these in real-time, head over to Medscape

Black Box Warning

The following podcasts may include sarcastic comments, snide asides, and rants off the topic of infectious diseases and may cover political, societal, and popular culture concerns. I think it is part of the charm of the podcasts, but if you do not like smart ass, then these podcasts may not be your cup of tea and you should go elsewhere. But you can't say you were not warned. 

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