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The Society for Science Based Medicine

A Society for a community of like-minded individuals, both in and out of health care, who support Science-Based Medicine.

The mission of the Society for Science-Based Medicine includes, but is not limited to,

Educating consumers, professionals, business people, legislators, law enforcement personnel, organizations and agencies about Science-Based Medicine.

Providing resources and information for information concerning all aspects of Science-Based Medicine. Providing a central resource for communication between individuals and organizations concerned about Science-Based Medicine.

Supporting sound consumer health laws for the practice of Science-Based Medicine and opposing legislation that undermines Science-Based Medicine.

Encouraging and aiding legal actions in support of the practice of Science-Based Medicine.

Goals of the Society include, but are not limited to: Community, Education, SfSBM blog, SfSBM conference, SfSBM podcast, SfSBM wiki, Medical school core curriculum , SfSBM journal, ebooks, Legal and legislative advocacy .

Click to visit Society for Science Based Medicine. I am, BTW, the President.


February 15, 2016

You may not know this, but for a year I blogged on my own. Eventually Medscape recognized my what? pathology? genius? click bait value? and asked me to blog there.

I had self-published the essays in a volume that received good reviews by readers. 4.5 Stars on Amazon and a 3.89 on Goodreads, but they complained about the lack of copy editing.

No longer. Bitingduck press is my publisher and has collected, edited, and organized the two years Rubor, Dolor, Calor Tumor blog entries, now available on Kindle for a mere $5.99.   or as a paperback.

Puswhisperer: A Year in the Life of an Infectious Disease Doctor.

Pushwhisperer 2; Another Year of Pus.

The perfect gift for the pus lover in your life.

An Infectious Diseases Compendium: A Persiflagers Guide

Online Version

Your Uber-hyperlinked guide to Infectious Diseases.

All the content of the mobile app, always free.

Version 17.04. Released 04/22/17.

An Infectious Diseases Compendium: A Persiflagers Guide

Mobile Application

Your uber hyperlinked electronic guide to Infectious Diseases.

Multiple versions:

1) iOs .  Has life time content updates, search, note taking ability.  $5.99. On iTunes.

2) Android versions available.  $2.99 for now. 

Persiflagers Infectious Disease Puscast

A twice a month podcast review of the Infectious Disease literature. On iTunes.

The mp3 rss feed is http://www.pusware.com/mp3persiflagers.rss

The m4a rss feed is http://www.pusware.com/rss.xml

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A Podcast review of Supplements, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (SCAMS). On iTunes.

Winner of the The People's Choice Podcast Awards  2009, 2010, 2011 Best Podcast, Health and Medicine.

ID Factoid

And get your daily ID factoid on twitter: @idfactoid

On twitter or on the ID Compendium Facebook page.

Gobbet o' Pus

The podcast Adventures of a Pus Whisperer.  My podcast rendition of the ID blog. On iTunes.

Rubor, Dolor, Calor, Tumor

My Medscape Infections Disease blog, the Adventures of a Pus Whisperer.

A winner (one of many) of 2008 Science Blogs Open Laboratory award.

Requires a free Medscape membership.

Science-Based Medicine

Exploring issues and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine. I blog twice a month about SCAM's. 

Science Based Medicine ebooks

The first 2.5 years of SBM have been organized into ebooks covering the breadth and depth of Supplements, Complemntary and Alternative Medicine.

SBM Guide to Acupuncture and ‘Eastern’ Medicine

SBM Guide to Cancer and CAM

SBM Guide to Chiropractic

SBM Guide to Critical Thinking

SBM Guide to Ethics Law Politics and Media

SBM Guide to Herbs Supplements and Medications

SBM Guide to Homeopathy

SBM Guide to Miscellaneous CAM

SBM Guide to Naturopathy

SBM Guide to Quackademic Medicine

SBM Guide to Vaccines and Autism

Science Based Medicine: An Anthology

As of 2/24/13 6 are available for a mere $4.99.

Published in conjunction with the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), they are available for Kindle, Nook and iPad.

Search the appropriate bookstore for your copy or visit the JREF.

She said, He said. A Geezers Guide to PDX.


A project of my wife and I as we return to a childless life now that the kids are off to school.